10 Gorgeous And Easy DIY Rock Gardens That Bring Style To Your Outdoors

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When planning out your gardens this year, did you give any thought to a rock garden? I have loved rock gardens since I was a kid…remember those cute rock families? Those really got me into rock gardening and I have built quite a few in different yards over the years. The thing with rock garden is that they are super easy to build and even easier to maintain. You just need a few rocks, a plan and some plants to fill in the blanks. So, on that note, I have a great little list of 10 gorgeous and easy to DIY rock gardens that you are going to definitely want to add to your outdoors this season.

From painted bugs to cactus, you will find everything you need to fit your DIY rock garden to your own style. Even if you have a really small backyard or front yard, you can build a gorgeous rock garden to give it character. And if you do have a backyard that has little space, be sure to check out some of these 15 small backyard decorating ideas. You will find some way to fill in those tiny spaces with décor, and have plenty of room for all of your outdoor necessities.

Gardening is honestly one of my favorite things to do and rock gardening is so easy. You just have to plan out where you want your rock garden to go and then get to work. Some of these can be done in just an hour or so, depending on how expansive you want them to be. You could even build a DIY rock garden by simply placing rocks strategically throughout an existing flower bed. Just take a look at these and start planning out your rock garden for this season. And, be sure to also take a look at these 24 DIY storage solutions for your outdoors. They’ll give you plenty of room to build that DIY rock garden!

1. Cactus Rock Garden

I love cacti! They are so easy to grow and they look so gorgeous. You can incorporate your own love of the cactus into this simple DIY cactus rock garden. You just designate a space for your garden and then fill it with rocks. Your cactus will grow beautifully within the rock garden and give it a splash of color. You can do this with smaller succulents, too if you want. It’s a quick and easy way to DIY your rock garden.

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