10 Harsh Truths About Relationships You Should Learn Before It’s Too Late

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8) Forget the Past

I know you want to do a big deal of test driving relationships to find the one who’s right for you, but be sure to leave all those experiences behind you.

They don’t matter when you’ve finally found your partner and, of course, they don’t want to hear about them.

9) Learn to Swallow Your Pride

Sometimes, being in a relationship means you should just say you are sorry and put your partner’s needs above yours.

That’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is essential once in awhile to show that you know how to compromise.

10) Be Good to Yourself so that You Can be Good to Somebody Else

People who take good care of themselves are better human beings overall. If you love yourself, it’s easier to love other people too.

If there are things about you that you don’t like, you will easily find those flaws in other people, and that can make you turn on them. Look inward so that you are capable of having a good relationship for years to come.

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