10 Mistakes You Didn’t Know You’re Making When Buying Shoes

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How many times have you thought that you found the perfect pair of shoes then when you got home, you realized that they were a big mistake? It’s happened to me more often than I’d like. Even if it just happened to me once, I’d still be annoyed. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on a pair of pretty shoes then having them sit in the back of your closet collecting dust because they just don’t fit. Argh.

Trying Shoes On Only One Foot

This is one time when it doesn’t pay to be lazy. You need to test both shoes because you’re going to be wearing them together. Plus, your feet are not 100% identical. You probably have one foot that is longer than the other and it could have a different shape. When you only try a shoe on one foot, you’re only doing half the job.

Not Wear The Right Socks

When you’re buying shoes, it is key that you wear the socks you’re going to be wearing with the shoes when you try them on. If you’re planning on wearing super thick wooly socks with those boots, what is the point of trying them on with thin socks? When you get them home and slip on your thick socks, the shoes might not fit. Doh.

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