10 Signs That a Relationship Is Truly Loving

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In the magical uncertainty of new romance, every couple creates its own emotional language. Sometimes those treasured connections deepen over time, and the relationship becomes a long-term commitment. But too often those wonderful beginnings don’t last.

1. Supporting Your Partner’s Perspective, Even When It Is Not Yours

One of the most important experiences for all human beings is to believe that what they see, feel, and hear is both validated and supported by those who matter to them. It is the absolute core of mental and emotional stability.

When couples have disagreements, it is all too common for them to impose their personal beliefs upon each other. Most people do not realize how desperately they fight to hold on to their own sense of reality, even if it means simultaneously erasing their partner’s.

When couples fully accept that two true but different realities can exist side by side, they feel less need to deny what is real for the other. Instead, they search for a greater truth to encompass both of their realities, or they agree to disagree. True love does not allow one person’s truth to erase the other’s.

2. Emergency Responsiveness

When either partner puts out a true SOS, the other is fully committed to help and makes support their highest priority. Love deepens when both partners know that, in times of distress, they can absolutely trust that the other will be there, in heart, mind, and action.

As the complications of all relationships evolve, it is far too easy for people to take each other for granted, to let other priorities take precedence, or to assume that calls for help are either not important, will lessen, or will be handled by someone else.

3. The Forgiveness Haven

No matter how committed anyone is to quality behavior, he or she is bound to make mistakes from time to time. Those moments are deeply fragile and vulnerable for everyone. When intimate partners know they have a safe place in the other’s heart, they are better able to learn from their mistakes.

No partner should be expected to be perfect in their capacity to tolerate actions that hurt, but openness to why or how the other “slips” should always come first when love pervades.

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