10 Tiny Things That Really Matter To Women In Relationships

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Relationships for millennials are, for the most part, a choice. So when a young woman decides she’s going to spend her precious time on another person, she does so very consciously. It’s a decision she makes day after day, too — it’s not a done deal once you’ve started dating.

So if she weighs her options and concludes this relationship with you is the right one, know that you will need to work to keep her convinced. Now, a lot of people think this means grandiose gestures and fancy date nights. It doesn’t. In fact, it’s basically the exact opposite of that (although those add a nice touch, too). What it all comes down to is how you’re making her feel in the little everyday moments.

You see, women are all about the experience of something. So if you simply try to get by with clichés, she’s going to know there’s no heart behind any of it — and that heart is what she’s actually waiting to see.

1. When you check in during the day to see how she’s doing.

Why it matters: In a fraction of a minute, you’re showing her you care about her, even when she’s not around. This establishes a sense of security in the relationship.

2. When you remember what her favorite drink is.

Why it matters: It shows you’re paying attention, but more so, it shows you care enough about her to pay attention. (Yeah… It’s not about the drink at all.)

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