12 Types Of Shoes You Should Wear Based On Your Major

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I have seen so many articles about stereotypes of different majors, and well, it’s time for me to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone has a sense of identity, and it is usually formed around college. In college, you spend a lot of time with people in your major, so naturally, you begin to talk, look, and dress alike. Shoes are a woman’s best friend, and they can be personalized to you and their desired functionality. Let the majors speak for themselves.

1. Exercise Science

Nothing screams “I wanna get paid to workout” quite like a fresh pair of Nikes

2. Anthropology/Sociology

Saving the world, one pair at a time.

3. Accounting, Economics, or Finance

Strictly comes in only black, navy, or nude

5. ROTC or Criminology

Ooo Rah!

6. Chemistry, Biology, or General Science

Not the most attractive, but you can stash them in your bag until lab.

7. Education

Practical for standing at the front of the classroom and chasing kids at recess.

8. Political Science or Prelaw

Pairs perfectly with a nice pantsuit.

9. Psychology or philosophy

Most commonly found with a tweed jacket and spectacles to really give that prof vibe.

10. Dance

Easy to change out of for dance class, but still obsessed with ballet.

11. Graduate School

That Master’s degree isn’t going to earn itself; you must act the part of a grown up.

14. Undecided

These shoes are just suggestions, but nonetheless, they will, in fact, help you succeed in whatever major you chose. Now go see if you can play a game of “guess the major” by looking at other peoples’ shoes.

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