14 Signs You’re a Victim of ‘Trauma Bonding’ – Understanding The ‘Addictive Spell’ of Toxic Relationships

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Although it may be virtually impossible for anyone who hasn’t been in an abusive relationship to genuinely comprehend why any human being would want to stay in one (or get back into one), individuals who have experienced trauma bonding can easily understand this unique phenomenon. Trauma bonding occurs when someone in an abusive relationship actually bonds with their partner when they abuse them; more specifically, it explains that bonding occurs when people spend time together whether the experiences themselves are positive or negative.

1: One partner often makes excuses for why they abuse the other, and one partner frequently makes excuses for why they deserve to be abused.

2: One partner truly feels as though their life would be over if they weren’t in a relationship with the other partner.

3: It literally pains one partner to be away from the other for too long.

4: One partner feels as though they have to remain in a relationship with the other partner.

5: A partner frequently promises to change their ways and improve themselves, but they never do—yet their partner continues to genuinely believe that they will change, and that things really will get better.

6: It seems like one person is actually living in an alternative reality where common sense and perception is different from those of actual reality.

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