15 Near Genius DIY Concrete Ornaments That Add Beauty To Your Garden

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When spring arrives each year, I start thinking about new ways to dress up my lawn and garden. I recently found a great deal on some bags of concrete, so I thought that perhaps I could use that concrete to create some outdoor décor. And so, I started looking for outdoor concrete projects. I didn’t want anything too big or time consuming, just a few DIY concrete outdoor decorations that I could put together pretty quickly. I found 15 amazing DIY concrete ornaments that are perfect for adding some style to the garden.

Concrete is such a great material to work with. It is so easy to mix and to mold and when it’s finished, you can paint it, leave it plain or decorate it in any number of other ways. These DIY concrete garden projects are all really simple to make and range from planters and spheres to bird baths and full fledged statues! Oh, and if you want to bring in flocks of birds this summer, be sure to check out this full collection of 23 DIY bird feeders that will fill your garden with lovely birds this summer.

I really do love how easy these DIY concrete garden projects are to make. And, they are all so creative. Even if you haven’t worked with concrete much in the past, you are going to find these so simple and they are all just gorgeous when they are finished. If you have worked with concrete or you just want more practice, be sure to check out these 40 creatively cool concrete projects. You will find something for inside and outside the home in this one! I hope you enjoy these concrete garden projects as much as I have and I hope you find the perfect outdoor décor for your garden area this year!

1. DIY Concrete Bowling Ball Planters

I love the design of these DIY concrete bowling ball planters. You use a bowling ball to mold them and then add your own decorations with glass stones or other embellishments. They are perfect for showcasing your favorite garden flowers or plants and they are made from concrete, so you can put them anywhere in the garden without worries of the weather harming them.

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