15 Rad Summer Shoes For Gals With Big Feet

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As someone who wears a size size 11 shoe, it is always tough to find cool shoes that come in my size. Hell, it’s hard to find shoes in general, let alone cute ones that will make me look carefree and feel amazing all summer long. Sure, we could compare it to finding diamond in a pile of coal, but sometimes you don’t want to try that hard to find some damn shoes.

But fear not, my fellow big footed ladies. Break out those shorts and slather your toe nails with polish because here are 8 shoes that will make your massive feet look dope all summer long. From sandals to flats to sneakers, we’ve got you covered.

1. Woven Jelly Sandal

Jellies are huge right now. Unfortunately, most jellies out there only go up to a size 10. If you’re like me and love jellies but don’t want to squeeze your foot into a smaller size shoe, go for these American Apparel jellies instead. Also, you might want to rock some cute sandals with these shoes if you’re worried about your feet sweating.

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