15 Texts That Show People ‘Winning’ At Relationships

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If you’re in a relationship, you want to know what magical skills you need to possess in order to be the best boyfriend/girlfriend ever. It may feel as if sometimes you can’t do anything right, yet other times you don’t even realize when you have done something to please the other person. While each relationship is unique and different so there is not really a list of rules that will ensure happiness for both people, you can look at this list of people who have done something right, cracked some secret code, and are living their happiest relationship goals.

Know What They Want

This couple understands each other on a much deeper level. Probably because they have learned how to read each other so well that they can anticipate what the other one is thinking before they say it. Also who doesn’t want to build a fort with your significant other?

Have A Secret Code

When two people in a relationship take the time with each other to speak a kind of language that is all their own, they are creating a unique bond that is totally unshakeable. Here this couple clearly loves burgers so much that they use it as a scale of how much they mean to each other.
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