4 Common Mind Games that Insecure Men Play In Relationships

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Insecure men and women are known to be manipulative. These people are highly skilled when it comes to mind games.

If you feel like someone is playing mind games on you, then you are probably correct. Knowing the different kinds of mind games makes it a lot easier to spot them. If someone is doing any of the following things you to, run for the hills! Your relationship is already a sinking ship.

1. The Blame Game

Words hurt, and they can affect you just as much as physical abuse can, so, don’t let anyone tell you differently. If he points the finger at you over nothing and is constantly accusing you of something it is usually because he is doing that very thing himself. When this happens, you need to either get out of the conversation entirely because there is no shifting the blame when it comes to someone like this.

2. The Roller Coaster Game

This is when he takes you out and everything is great but the next day he is acting odd. It has you questioning everything and that is exactly what he wants. While it sounds like he isn’t sure about his feelings, he is. When this happens if you cannot talk things through it is not worth your time.

If you notice him acting odd again, simply ask him about it. Say something like: “Hey Joe, you’ve been acting kind of distant lately. Is everything okay?” If he opens up and talks to you about things then, of course, give the relationship a shot, but if he is dismissive and goes right into giving you the cold shoulder, move on.

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