5 main reasons why men lose interest in relationships

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1. Nagging

Men are known for their penchant for peace of mind. Because they lean towards people who give them peace of mind and become fed up when that is taken away by a nagging partner, it is not uncommon to hear a man giving up on a relationship where unnecessary nagging and constant complaint reigns supreme.

2. Loss of freedom

If a relationship threatens to choke up a man, he’s going to revolt and try to get out. It is imperative for most men [and women, too, actually] that their partner has something to do with her time and not try to spend every single moment with them.

Sounds ridiculous, but there are actually women who are this way and soon enough, men in relationships with them would likely look for a way out.

3. Difference in sex drive

If the gap in the sex drive between him and his girlfriend is vast, it will affect the relationship adversely and it won’t be long before the man gets fed up.

If the woman has a higher sex drive, or if he has a higher sex drive, something’s going to get terribly wrong as some point. This is why it is better to always have that conversation about sexual compatibility early enough.

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