6 Reasons Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily

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Modern relationships are becoming more and more fragile despite all the connectivity we have. People are falling out of love just as easily as they are falling in love nowadays. Why has love become so easy for people to give up on? What is missing in modern day relationships that’s making it so easy for people to fall apart? The ease with which people break up depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors behind the increasing numbers of broken relationships are listed below.

1. No Pain, No Gain

We have become too self-obsessed to put ourselves in discomfort for another person. That is why when things get hard, we take a hike out of a relationship. But any relationship for that matter would never only be a bed of roses. There would be some humps that we would have to overcome in order to sustain a relationship. So, we must understand that we have to love a person and the relationship for the value they hold in our hearts and not the advantages they bring in our lives. Our reasons should be pure in a relationship and only then we can make it work. And we must be prepared to make sacrifices and compromises when it is required in order to make a relationship work.

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