7 Baseless Myths About Women And Relationships Which Are Really Getting Old

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The world is always full of people seeking love, in some way, be it men or women. So, books, articles, and cinema, are always full of tips on relationships. However, the strange part is, an overwhelmingly large amount of content on decoding women seems to exist. Websites are teeming with articles titled “how to talk to women,” “how to understand women,” and whatnot. Books are written reiterating stereotypes associated with women, almost dehumanising them. According to these, it would seem that women are mythical, incomprehensible, and strange creatures. However, the truth is not that women are actually weird and difficult to understand. We are also human beings. We also mean what we say. We are not walking tornados of hormones, no matter how much society tries to dismiss what we say, by saying that we are too complicated to be listened to. Hence, we feel it’s best to clear the air about certain disturbingly common myths related to women, and how we think, feel, and act in relationships.

“Women are gold diggers.”

We are living in the 21st century, when women are so scared of men pouncing on them, that they go dutch even if they earn half their male date’s salary, yet the gold digger myth hasn’t died! So, women are still seen as people who will drain a man’s bank account with their shopping trips and expensive dinners. This is because men love seeing themselves as providers, but they also love putting women down by blaming them for this system of economic dependence. Equality, however, is going to be a thing whether people like it or not, so calling a woman a gold digger if she is with a wealthy or “less” physically-attractive man, is only going to make the name-caller look sexist, idiotic, and backward.

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