7 DIY Aerators That Will Make Your Lawn Lush And Beautiful

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Do you aerate your lawn? I recently started looking into ways of making my lawn more lush and healthy and what I learned is that aerating your lawn if really good for it. Aeration helps to create openings in the turf and soil that allows water and air to penetrate the roots of your grass and makes them healthier. This in turn, turns your lawn into a lush, beautiful green blanket that would rival any golf course. So, when I found out how good aeration is for my lawn, I started looking into aerators.

Let me tell you, a lawn aerator is not cheap. Even the seemingly cheaper ones are pretty costly, so what did I do? I started looking for DIY lawn aerators. I found seven great DIY aerators that all work perfectly to make your lawn lush and beautiful. Whether you want something that is going to cover a lot of space at once or you just need something simple that will allow that air and water to get to the roots of your grass, there is a DIY lawn aerator that is perfect for your lawn. And if you haven’t yet, be sure that you get a look at these 12 near genius IKEA hacks for your lawn and garden.

Now, back to aerating those lawns. This is a really simple process and it can be so healthy for your lawn. And, when I say simple, I mean it. There are even a couple of DIY versions of lawn aerating shoes! You just slip them on your feet and walk around the yard to aerate it. How simple is that? If you really want a beautifully lush lawn this year, I highly recommend that you check out these DIY lawn aerators. And, be sure that you check out these 100 gardening hacks and pro tips that will definitely make you an expert.

1. Repurposed Oil Drum Aerator

This DIY aerator is made from a five gallon oil drum and it’s pretty simple to put together. Once the spikes are in place, you add a handle and wheels and then just push the aerator through your yard to keep your soil and grass healthy. This one is so simple and can be really cheap if you have an old oil drum that you can use as the base.

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