7 Reasons Why Friends With Benefits Are The Most Honest Relationships

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It all starts with being just friends. The most common cycle of getting into a

relationship is first you become just friends and then you become good friends and then slowly you take the whole bonding to the next level that is to be in a relationship. But most often than not it is seen that the so-called perfect relationship ends up into not-so-perfect-relationship and that ultimately leads to a breakup.

1. Attraction is there but not sure about your feelings? But at the same time can’t keep your hands off each other?

Well, in this situation FWB is the best possible option. Because you guys set the bed on fire and at the same time do not end up expecting to be in a relationship just because you people are physically attracted to each other. You people are also sure that you people do not need a relationship just because you are having some fun.

2. Freedom.

Yes, freedom of dating others or getting attracted to others while in a FWB arrangement is a very normal affair. That too without being guilty in case you see yourself getting attracted to someone else. In fact that is one of the biggest reasons why you people got into such agreement in the first place.

3. No hide and seek.

While having fun with each other they can purely be

honest about their lives and other stuff going on in their lives to each other.

Because hey, at the end of the day you are still are great friends and are

supposed to be sharing things with each other.

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