7 Reminders For When You’re Struggling To Let Go Of Toxic Relationships That No Longer Serve You

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1. Build a positive relationship with, ‘change.’

I know too many people that stay in destructive relationships simply because they’d rather not face the vibrations of ‘change.’ They all share a common limited-belief that life doesn’t get better than the world of predictability they created for themselves.

I’m not saying it’s wrong. Mediocrity is a safe haven for many. But it’s not right.

Learning to build a positive relationship with ‘change’ will only attract more noteworthy experiences and people into your life.

You see, my fascinations to evolving is what I’ve been inhaling to experience the constant success of my outcomes being exhaled into the world.

Every year, I look forward to getting to know my new higher-self, and I get acquainted with my newer appeal, values, wisdom, and achievements.

And through accepting my greater self, I attract greater minds while also gaining a higher clarity of the people that no longer elevate me to my next journey. It’s then, my decision of letting go comes pretty naturally.

2. Recognize that Love is a choice, not a feeling.

Meeting someone new is an event outside of our control — a perfect gift from the universe, I like to say.

However, investing the time and energy to building and keeping the relationship is a decision you’re making every day.

The ‘one’ I choose to commit to is the person that’s deserving of my journey, and I, in theirs.

Recognizing that it’s your eventual choice to stay or depart is the answer. It’s all you need to know to let go of a repetitive and competitive relationship, emotionally dragging vampires, and abusive or toxic relationships.

For better or for worse, it’s ultimately your decision to spend time with someone great or ditch someone purposeless.

You’re the power.

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