7 Reminders For When You’re Struggling To Let Go Of Toxic Relationships That No Longer Serve You

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3. Leave the Grey Area.

I have so many friends that have held on to exes and flings for 3 – 5 + years, just because.

Because they waited for a sign from the universe, or because they caught themselves in a season of loneliness. Or, they mustered a small dose of courage to date someone new all to find out it wasn’t the ‘same,’ so they ran back, just because.

Because they needed a crutch, someone to tell great or poor news to, and my favorite, because of the selfish attention they needed to keep them cozy through winter.

Don’t be a trapped soul, stuck in the world of the In-Between.

Commit to a side – a side of being “all in”, or “all out.” Make that commitment for yourself, and stick to it. It doesn’t have to be forever, but it has to be for the time being.

It’s the only way to find yourself in a space of certainty while journeying through the temporary world unpredictability.

4. It’s not what you’re ending, it’s how you’re ending it.

When I fired my first toxic client, I gave no shits about the money I’d lose, or how much time I invested in her wedding plans. All I cared about was removing her negative ass energy from my company before it spread like a plague.

The most challenging part of letting her go was not the impact it’d make on the company, but it was finding the perfect way to communicate my plans to withdraw my services.

You see, I believe you can say just about anything, to just about anyone, to get what you want, but it’s how you’re communicating the plan of execution that’ll determine their reactions and acceptance to your departing proposal.

Recognize that you’re ending a journey with someone new and different every new time that you do, and every new person will require a unique and tailored method of communication to be designed for them.

Many won’t be accepting of it, but that’s not your problem – it’s theirs. All you can do is communicate your reasoning to the best of your ability, and make sure you say it in a way that won’t leave regrets.

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