8 Gorgeous DIY Nightlights To Match Any Home Decor

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Do your kids have to have a nightlight on at night while they sleep? Mine did when they were younger and even now, I keep a nightlight burning in the bathroom so that it’s easier for my family when they wake up in the night, as opposed to leaving the light burning all night. I was thinking about that nightlight recently and wondered just how easy it would be to DIY a new one to better match my bathroom décor. Would you believe I found 8 easy DIY nightlights that will match any décor?

I did and I couldn’t be more excited. Not only are these great for home, they make wonderful gifts, too. I found a lovely nursery nightlight that you can make in a matter of minutes. If you have a baby shower coming up this season, this is a wonderful gift. These are all really easy to DIY and many of them are great for kids’ bedrooms. Some of them are even great for adults’ bedrooms! Whatever your current home décor, there is definitely a DIY nightlight in here that will match it. And, you need to be sure to check out these 15 candles and votives you can DIY, too.

I love DIY lighting. Whether it’s for indoors or out and these DIY nightlights are all so fabulous. From cheap and easy five minute nightlights to some that will take a bit longer but definitely look much more professional, you will find a DIY nightlight to match every style, every décor and every single person in your home. Fun kids versions are great for helping your little ones to feel safer in their beds at night and they are so much fun to make. Also, if you love DIY lighting, you will want to take a look at these 20 DIY garden lighting projects that will illuminate your outdoors beautifully.

1. DIY Three Minute Nursery Nightlight

These easy DIY nursery nightlights can be made in just three minutes each and they are gorgeous. You can make these for your own nursery or make a couple to give as gifts at an upcoming baby shower. Nightlights in the nursery are a wonderful idea – they don’t give off too much light so they won’t keep baby awake but they give off enough light so that you can see when you have to go in late at night.

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