8 reasons why people in happy relationships cheat

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Infidelity is not entirely a black and white area as most people seem to think. The shades of gray appear when you take into consideration the fact that not all instances of cheating are born out of malicious intent or a painful situation. Good people in happy relationships cheat all the time, for no immediately apparent reason.

When we hear about infidelity, we assume that the couple’s relationship was floundering or that the person is inherently evil. On the contrary, people who cheat aren’t always such one-dimensional characters, and¬†Psychology Today¬†recently explored the various seemingly benign factors that can trigger an incident of infidelity.

1. They get a kick out of it

One of the strangest motivators is the thrill of doing something forbidden or taboo. So many adolescents find great satisfaction in breaking rules and exploring the limits of what they can do, and when adults do the same thing, it takes them back to their youth.

When there is something that is closed off to you or withheld from you, you crave it even more. Forbidden fruits often yield the greatest emotional rewards, and the costs that come with them are often forgotten in the thrill of the moment by people who are unfaithful to their partners.

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