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8 Ways Divorce Attorneys Approach Relationships Differently

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Married orce lawyers have an interesting perspective on relationships. Sure, they’ve seen things get ugly for their clients, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pessimists who’ve lost all faith in love.

1. They don’t rush into marriage.

“My wife and I dated for nearly 20 years off and on before we married. It is the first and only marriage for either of us. Sometimes I am convinced that being a orce lawyer made it take a bit longer for both of us to commit. Even though we lived together before marriage and knew each other’s families well, it took a while to finally tie the knot. At a time when many of my peers have orced and remarried, having realized that they rushed into their first marriage perhaps too hastily, I know that I certainly did not really rush into mine.

2. They value compromise. 

“You are always negotiating in relationships. Whether it’s about parenting, finances or how many date nights to have each month, each person has to be willing to give up something to get something. Learning how to negotiate in your living room is a lot less expensive than in the courtroom.

3. They understand how important it is to nurture — and keep nurturing — a relationship. 

“Practicing orce law showed me how fragile relationships and marriages can be. If they are not nurtured and attended to, a marriage will suffer and eventually fade. It makes me pay that much more attention to my marriage and family on a daily basis.

4. And they never stop working on themselves. 

“You can’t have a great marriage if you don’t like who you are. The nonsense you hear in movies about how your soulmate ‘will complete you’ is total BS. You are complete. If you don’t believe that, then work on your own issues before you get married. When you’ve got your own act together, you have a much better chance of attracting and marrying someone who’s got his own act together too.” ―Karen Covy, attorney and author of When Happily Ever After Ends

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