9 reasons why being selfish is the first step to having happy relationships

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No matter how independent, self-content, and happily single we are, as women we are conditioned to put others first. This kicks in as soon as we enter a relationship. While it seems natural to make our partners feel good, when things don’t seem reciprocal, we are bombarded with self-doubt and insecurity.

We soon tend to focus on our partner’s flaws, how inconsiderate they are being, and go into the details of what went wrong. Instead of allowing ourselves to be in this helpless spot, we can take a short side step and turn around. That magical turn where you shift your focus off your relationship and onto yourself is almost always a moment of revelation.

Here’s why putting yourself first is not just good for you, but necessary for a happy relationship. Whether you are dating, in a longterm relationship, or married, here are 9 reasons to focus on yourself.

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