9 reasons why being selfish is the first step to having happy relationships

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2. You look good, you feel good

We’ve all been in a situation where we do so much to keep our relationship going that we end up with dark circles and ashy skin. And then comes a pretty woman who simply chooses to prioritize her nail appointment over her dinner date and you catch your man giving an appreciative glance.

Instead of being the green-eyed monster seething with jealousy, be the woman who treats herself with the care, time, and effort she deserves. Of course, when you are a full-time mom or juggling between work and home, this isn’t easy. But take care of yourself because you deserve it not because you want to look good to your man. Exercise releases happy hormones that are extremely addictive, not to mention, infectious.

3. You remain who you were before you met the guy

The reason he found you nice is because you had all these things going for you. When you stop doing what keeps you high and happy, you begin to feel a certain void. And then you expect the man to fill this void, which can be doubling disappointing. If you played a sport before, don’t stop because waking up too early will mess up your new routine with him.

If you enjoyed a hobby or had a weekly thing you loved to do, get back in touch with these. Your partner is responsible for what he brings/doesn’t bring to the table. But if you are so starved of any kind of happiness in the first place, then their refusing serve a decent array can make you a hangry monster.

4. Two halves maketh a whole is a big LIE

Two half-empty people cannot come together to make a whole. Unless, of course, codependency and diffused identities are your things. It works if you hate cooking and your partner is a chef, but if you are barely satisfied with your life and so is your partner, the two of you cannot magically make things happy and wonderful.

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