9 Things You Can Find Only In The Happiest And Healthiest Relationships

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5. You make time for one another.

Time is important. You have to remember that you tend to get better at the things that you devote your time to. And the more time that you devote to being a good partner in a relationship, the better that you’re going to get at it. So always make time for one another.

6. You do whatever you can to make each other’s lives easier.

You always try to put the extra effort into the relationship by going the extra mile for one another. You just want to be each other’s genuine partners. You want to make both of your lives easier by always being there for one another.

7. You make yourself willing to compromise every now and then.

You’re not always going to get your way in the relationship – and that should be okay. Compromise is an integral aspect of sustaining a relationship. It’s always important that you meet each other halfway so that no one ends up feeling cheated or shortchanged.

8. You practice respect and trust in the relationship at all times.

No matter how dire things may get in a relationship, you must always be able to trust and respect one another. These are absolute essentials in any kind of relationship and in any kind of situation. This is absolutely nonnegotiable.

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