9 Toxic Habits That Destroy Relationships

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1. You mismanage any disagreements or complaints that you might have for one another.

Conflict is going to be inevitable in any relationship; even the strongest ones. But the best couples are those who are always able to manage their conflict into something productive. You are both two individuals who are choosing to live a life together. It’s inevitable that you are going to butt heads granted your different worldviews and thought processes. But you should always keep a level head and allow your love to guide you through whatever disagreements you may have with one another.

2. You let hatred or resentment get in the way of respectful and mature communication.

Free and open communication is always going to be important in any relationship: especially a mature one. There is always going to be a need for people in relationships to develop a sense of maturity whenever they choose to engage with one another. Maturity allows people the opportunity to see things with clarity and fine perspective. Maturity also entails that couples don’t succumb to any hatred or resentment that may result in compromised communication.

3. You refuse to take responsibility for your actions or your role in the relationship.

As responsible and mature adults, it’s very important for you to be able to be accountable for your actions and your roles in life. This responsibility carries over into your relationships. Whenever you fall short of being a good partner, you have to own up to it. You have to be able to acknowledge that you stumbled and that you need to be better. You need to be able to practice proper humility if you really want this relationship to work. 

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