9 Toxic Habits That Destroy Relationships

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4. You give each other the silent treatment whenever you don’t get your way in the relationship.

Are you familiar with that toddler that you encounter at the mall who gives his parents a silent treatment whenever they don’t get him that toy that he wanted to buy from the toy store? That’s essentially what you’re doing whenever you give your partner the silent treatment in a relationship as a way to get what you want. Stop acting so entitled. Stop acting like a spoiled little brat. If you want or need something from your partner, discuss things rationally like real and proper adults.

5. You guilt or emotionally blackmail each other into doing what you want.

Whenever you try to play with each other’s emotions in ways that would benefit you, then you are playing the role of the abuser in an abusive relationship. If you truly loved one another in the relationship, then you shouldn’t be toying with each other’s feelings and emotions as a means to get what you want. You can’t be blackmailing your partner to bend to your will and expect anything good to come out of it. You are only breeding a very volatile and toxic environment for your relationship whenever you do this.

6. You withhold or conceal the truth from one another whenever it serves you.

Honesty is always going to be very important in a relationship. You can’t afford to be hiding things from one another. Remember that at the root of all relationships are trust and respect. You can never build a healthy relationship with a person if you don’t trust and respect that person. Whenever you decide to lie or conceal the truth from your partner, then you are essentially telling your partner that you don’t trust or respect them enough to actually give them the truth that they deserve. You must always be truthful and honest to your partner even when it’s inconvenient. 

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