9 Toxic Habits That Destroy Relationships

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7. You fail to invest any time or attention in the relationship and to each other.

Time is the most important thing that you could ever give your partner. Remember that time is the one thing in the world that can’t be bought in a store. It’s the one thing in the world that can’t be extended with just a snap of the finger. Whatever time you have is what you need to work with. That’s why you have to be able to give each other the time and effort that you need to actually make this relationship work the way that you want it to.

8. You set unreasonably high expectations for each other.

High expectations are good in a relationship. It means that you are optimistic and that you really believe in one another to deliver well. But when your expectations are unreasonably high, then that is just a recipe for disappointment and for disaster. You have to be able to tread that line very carefully. You want to be optimistic and hopeful in the relationship, but you never want to be delusional. Be realistic with your expectations but still maintain that sense of idealism.

9. You assume that your relationship is going to be what completes you as a person.

It doesn’t. You still need to be able to develop and grow as an individual outside of the relationship. If you rely on your relationship for your sense of happiness or accomplishment, it’s going to breed a very toxic environment that is eventually going to destroy everything in the process.

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